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Download Rately: The First Ever Browser Just For Shoppers

See what all of the fuss is about and download Rately (for iPad, iPhone, and web extensions) and become part of the new craze.

Learn more at the App Store.

Read What People Are Saying About the New Rately Browser!

Alex says, “I like Rately!! I like that you don’t have to sign in using Facebook or something like that and it explains everything easily to you at the beginning.”

Alyx says, “It’s super handy to be able to compare/save items across stores.”

Charlotte says, “The Rately app makes it easy to keep track of products without the hassle of creating an account or remembering a password.”

Chelsea says, “Rately is perfect for quick shopping.”

Sophia says, “I love that Rately has all sorts of retailers in one place.  Whether I’m looking for a gift for my Dad’s birthday, a poster for my little brother to hang in his first dorm room, or a little pick me up for myself, I can find it all on Rately.”

Sam says, “I’m using it to look at new bed stuff!”

Featured Store of the Day - The Mini Classy

The MINI Classy is our featured store of the day!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want my kids going back to school in style - and these MC Hammer-style pants and the dinosaur-inspired harems are sure to bring fun to the classroom!

Just so much yes.


Featured Retailer of the Day - Perpetual Kid

Perpetual Kid is our featured retailer of the day!

An amazing taco truck, pizza cologne, and a bevy of other fun products await you on this site. Get ready to be excited and delighted!

Back to School with Rately and Jeshua - a Real Rately User


Check out how another user conquered his back-to-school shopping with the new and improved Rately browser!  Jeshua, who is headed to Georgia Tech in the fall as an Aerospace Engineering major with a minor in Computer Science, says that Rately made the shopping process easier and less hectic.  Read below for more!


As much as I hate to say it, summer break is almost over. And not just any summer break - it’s the gap between senior year of high school and college. So yeah, its a pretty big deal.


There’s so much to be done in the coming weeks to mentally prepare myself to take on the challenges of Georgia Tech. Oh, and also, there’s a ton of shopping to be done. I mean, I gotta buy a bunch of stuff to furnish my dorm room, as well as bags and notebooks and stuff to keep me going in my classes. I also work up until a week before school starts so I have a lot of shopping to do in not a lot of time.


So, needless to say that last week is going to be pretty hectic. 


Obviously, the choice for many at this point is go on Amazon and start ordering things and having them shipped to our doorstep. So I did too, but I also had the Rately browser extension running on my computer. So I found a few backpacks and suits and whatnot that I liked, and then when I went on the Rately app on my phone, I got suggestions based on what I saw on Amazon linking me to websites I’d never used before. It was fantastic! I saved all the items I liked and tagged them under “college stuff.” Now I could just search for the tag, “college stuff,” and every item I had been searching for was saved on my phone.


My plan to spend a week wallowing around the mall looking for stuff was completed in minutes by simply downloading and using the Rately app on my phone. Shopping on Amazon is pretty nice, but Rately takes online shopping to a whole new level in terms of accessibility and ease of use.


So to all you frantic college shoppers out there, download Rately. I promise, it won’t disappoint.

Featured Store of the Day - Preserve by Blake Lively

Preserve is our featured store of the day!

The new lifestyle site by the famous Blake Lively brings together the goods, makers, and legends that make up America. Preserve features artisan products, style advice, and projects that celebrate culture, craftsmanship, originality, and heritage.

A few of our favorite picks? The USA cutting board and light, the chocolate fudge, and the ketchup (perfect for National Hot Dog Day).

Rately User Shares How He Shops for Back to School with Rately


July is coming to an end (sad face!), which means that August - and back to school - is quickly approaching!  We have asked a few of our avid Rately users to tell us about their experiences using the browser and how it has helped them plan for back to school.

Our first post is from Hrisheek, President and Lead Programmer of the Milton Robotics Team at Milton High School.  Read how he was able to find everything on his list - plus some! - in only fifteen minutes with Rately.  Key for a guy who dislikes shopping.

Despite how much I didn’t want it to be true, I knew I had to start my back-to-school shopping. But I realized I could find everything I needed quickly and easily with Rately.

At first I didn’t even know which store to start off at, but as soon as I touched the search bar, Rately immediately gave me tons of store suggestions, giving me a starting point. Choosing Amazon, I searched “backpack” in the store and found a North Face backpack that I liked. 


Rately began to track the product, and without having to continue searching through more pages and sites, the app already gave me tons of suggestions for more backpacks. Using these suggestions I actually found a more appealing backpack that I wanted to be able to visit later.


Instead of having to leave a tab open or copy the link, all I had to do with Rately was save the product and give it a tag. Soon I had a “school” tag filled different binders, pens and pencils, paper, my backpack, and other school supplies. Looking at the clock, I realized I had found everything on my school supply list while lounging on my couch at home for 15 minutes.


I don’t know what I would have done without Rately.

Download the Rately browser here.

Featured Brand of the Day - Trotters

Happy Birthday, Prince George!!

The mini trendsetter is wearing an adorable pair of overalls from Petit Bateau in his official one year portrait (our featured store last week), along with these super cute Trotters shoes, our featured brand of today! 

We’re glad that you had a great first year, Little Prince! Wishing you many more!

Featured Store of the Day - Finnish Design Shop

The Finnish Design Shop is our featured store of the day!

They bring the best of Nordic design online and to your door.

The site offers a handpicked selection of items from well-established brands and young emerging designers. Classic or brand new - all their products have something in common: high quality, innovative design and authorized manufacturers.

Featured Brand of the Day - EASTPAK


Nothing says Happy Friday like a hamburger book bag!

Your classmates will envy you and your tasteful (get it?) shoulder bag from EASTPAK.

Featured Retailer of the Day - Thrive Furniture

Thrive Furniture is the one-stop-shop for mid-century home décor for the modern heart. Check out their awesome selection of American-made, eco-friendly, customizable mod furniture!

Featured Brand of the Day - ElizabethW

Our featured brand of the day is ElizabethW!

Their lavender collection is made of pure essential oil and California poppy extract. Soothing and welcoming, their beauty products will leave you relaxed and blissful.

Featured Brand of the Day - Petit Bateau

Rately is celebrating French fashion in honor of Bastille Day today!

Petit Bateau is the iconic brand that creates high quality, comfortable, non-allergenic, stylish, and classic apparel for all members of your family. Add some French flair to your ensemble with a timeless and non-carcinogenic striped shirt.

Vive la France!

Le Quatorze Juillet

Bastille Day is on Monday, July 14th, and unlike American Independence Day barbecues that have hot dogs and burgers, the French celebrate their fête nationale with pâté and foie gras. 

I’ll let you decide which one I like better.

Get in on the gourmet fare with delectable eats (like cheeses, charcuterie, and jams) from Olympic Provisions, d’Artagnan, and a local boulangerie for baguettes; and decorate your dinner or picnic with blue and white checkered tablecloths from Pottery Barn (a very French pattern), wooden cutting boards, and Mason jars for wine and freshly cut flowers.  Maybe even bring a game of petanque for some friendly competition.

And maybe throw in an ironic twist and have some cake - why not make Marie proud?