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Fashion Trend Alert: 80s and 90s Fashion is Coming Back!

When looking back at old photos from past decades, it is evident that although fashion has changed slightly, fashion styles are frequently “recycled.”  

Here are some fashion trends from the 80s and 90s that are making a comeback:

Jelly Shoes


 pgdexl-l.jpg IMG_3165.JPG

Doc Martens


How-to-Wear-Dr.-Martens-for-Women-and-Teenage-Girls.jpg Total-Black-Outfit-with-Black-and-Dark-Dr.-Martens.jpg




Crop Tops


Mom Jeans




 image 10593429_1470140363254820_637314470_n.jpg

Babydoll Dresses

  tumblr_muo6h9v3db1sjcbv5o1_500.png o-RIHANNA-570.jpg



Halter Tops


Bucket Hats

 image image

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Featured Retailer of the Day - Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is our featured retailer of the day!

They’re the world’s largest curated marketplace for vintage & antiques and have thousands of independent shops showcasing quality (and unique) items.

We’re as excited for the weekend as this guy is a “dinosaur.”

(Source: ellendegeneres)

Featured Retailer of the Day - Commonwealth

Commonwealth is a unique specialty select boutique that creates and fulfills the demand for new and established street, fashion, and sportswear brands that influence and inspire. They showcase brands that tap into the creative independent spirit of counter culture.

Featured Store of the Day - Fribbi

Fribbi - what is it and how to use it

Fribbi is our featured store of the day - and it’s not your average site.

Luxury goods are expensive and hard to find.  Wouldn’t you like to get yours for 98% off the wholesale price?

Yes - most people would.

Fribbi, a new online bidding and flash deals site, lets you do just that.  Fribbi offers shoppers incredible prices for authentic designer handbags via bid-fee auctions.

Fribbi sign up is free, and buyers purchase bid packages to start their bidding wars.  People bid against others on individual bags, increasing the bid by one cent at a time to win by the time the clock runs out.

This means that you could be rocking an authentic Chanel bag for $1.  Yup - no zeros.

While Fribbi gives you five free bids when you sign up, they recommend bidding more than five bids on any given option as it is rare to win something for so few bids.  However, as Fribbi is new, there will never be a better time to win something than now, as the competition is very light.  So if you don’t want to buy extra bids, invite your friends and get $5 for each one who signs up.

For an extra feel good factor, they’re pledging 10% of profits to go to The Polaris Project to help fight human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child labor, all of which are associated with the production of counterfeit brands.

Look good and feel good doing it.

Have fun and bid away!

Bringing Prada to the people.

Fribbi - the Bid Wars

Featured Brand of the Day - Urban Decay

Urban Decay Cosmetics is our featured brand of the day!

Spice up your look with these hot new palettes - and maybe even get ready for Tequila Tuesday with them tonight ;)

Featured Retailer of the Day - Wine.com

You’ve made it through Monday!

Enjoy a nice glass of wine this evening from our featured retailer, Wine.com!

Flashback Friday

… to attractive models in good suits.

Featured Store of the Day - Bella Bag

Our featured store of the day is another awesome Atlanta shop - Bella Bag.

Bella Bag was founded by Cassandra Connors in 2005 when she was hard on cash and trying to sell her authentic Gucci Boston Bag (great choice!) and realized that potential buyers were scared about authenticity.

From there, she founded one of the most regarded places to buy, sell and trade vintage and contemporary pre loved luxury bags from the your favorite brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Goyard, Dior, Givenchy & More.  They also literally wrote the manual on authenticity with our 13-point Authenticity Inspection - an inspection now used nationwide by many others.  

Check out their physical store and their amazing selection at Bellabag.com.

Featured Store of the Day - Society6

One of the most active artist communities in the world, Society6 empowers artists to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products, without giving up control of their rights.

Check out their awesome art today!

Featured Store of the Day - These Odds

Our featured store of the day is These Odds, an online vintage shop based in Atlanta.

Shop their great selection of thrift finds now!

Featured Brand of the Day - DQM

DQM is our featured brand of the day!

Opened in 2003 by professional skateboarder Chris Keeffe, DQM has grown to become not only New York’s premiere location for sneakers, streetwear and skate goods, but also a fully-fledged brand in its own right, with a complete seasonal collection of clothing and accessories sold in select locations around the world for bikers and skateboarders.

Check out their awesome duds on Rately!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Enjoy your long weekend!